Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety is a privately owned dog food brand which specializes in “holistic pet food”. It is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri providing dry kibble, canned, raw and grain-free products. 2014 is no exception to their continued excellence and Nature’s Variety is equally committed to the best feed for your pet canine at any developmental stage in its life. A wide range of coupons through a ‘variety’ of avenues can be easily accessed by Nature Variety’s valued customers. Coupons may be in the form of online coupons codes delivered to your email or accessed online, printable ones, cut-outs, and peelies.

For more than 140 years, Nature’s Variety has been committed to sustainable agricultural practices involved in the rearing of livestock and crops all over America. Nature’s Variety boasts being the only pet food company which offers a unique Rotation Diet. This essentially means their products promote the benefits of variety in a pet’s diet; with the added experience of different flavors and textures for their health and happiness. This rotation diet incorporates a variety of proteins (beef, chicken, salmon) and forms (kibble, canned, raw frozen). Committed to food safety, Nature’s Variety incorporates High Pressure Processing in its raw diets in an effort to eliminate any pathogenic bacteria.

Nature’s Variety is the owner and distributor of the Instinct and Prairie dog food brands. Instinct is a leader in the raw pet food business specializing in a full line of grain-free and gluten-free foods. Prairie on the other hand is focused on a balanced pet meal with a line of canned and kibble pet food that uses meat as the first ingredient, with whole grains and fruits and vegetables. There are a number of avenues a customer can use to gain access to Nature’s products and coupons/codes. Your neighborhood grocer or pet store may be the most convenient avenue or even the online resources for those time consumed patrons.


EZDogFoodCoupons is in the business of providing you committed dog lovers with the best up to date coupons and discounted prices applicable to Nature’s Variety Instinct and Prairie products. At any given hour on any given day during any given month, rest assured that you will be supplied with the latest in discounts, promotions and printable coupons available on the market.

To take a look at some of Nature’s Variety products, see below.


  •         Instinct Raw Foods for Dogs- for a more in depth look click here.
  •         Instinct Raw Boost Kibble for Dogs
  •         Instinct Raw Boost Kibble for Puppies
  •         Instinct Kibble for Dogs
  •         Instinct Limited Ingredient Kibble for Dogs
  •         Instinct Healthy Weight Kibble for Dogs
  •         Instinct Cans for Dogs

A more completed list can be found here.



Nature’s Variety Printable Coupons

Cut-outs have been a reliable source of coupons since its introduction as a means of capturing market share and growing a customer base. With the dawn of a technological era, printable coupons have become the norm from the youngest to the senior consumers, due to their accessibility and convenience. Nature’s Variety is no different and its products are subject to in-store discounts through the use of both manufacturer and retailer printable coupon.

Manufacturer Coupons


Nature’s Variety would not be a major player in the dog food industry if it did not provide its own coupons to its most valued customers. To gain access to their manufacturer printable coupons, all you need is an email address. This email is used to register with the brand’s website after which coupons will be emailed to you when applicable to their Instinct and Prairie diets. Thereafter, coupons can be printed out, cut and then used at your favorite pet store, grocer or at the Nature’s Variety specified store.

See below for a Nature’s Variety Prairie coupon


Retailer Coupons

A wide range of retailers from PetSmart PetCO to various blogger websites such as carry the Nature’s Variety brand and are a valuable resource to access the aforementioned coupons. To gain access to said coupons we implore you to vinature's retail couponsit the various websites such as, and There, you will
be able to print available coupons at your leisure and all you need is an internet connection. However, please bear in mind that your requested coupon for a particular product may not be available when you desire and you may have to settle for what is available or return to try at some other time. In this regard, the team from EZDogFoodCoupons will do their due diligence and investigate the available coupons and provide the appropriate website links when available.


Nature’s Variety Coupon Codes

In the event that you are looking for the paperless option of receiving discounts and coupons for some of Nature’s Variety products, coupon codes are the way to go. Retailers often provide discounts in either a dollar amount or percentage. There are many websites which make it their mission to keep an account of and store a combination of secret coupon codes from retailers such as Petco and PetSmart. Some of these codes could be acquired by visiting our Coupon Codes page to accelerate your saving opportunities. These codes offer opportunities for free shipping, additional percentage discounts and more!


Nature’s Variety Connection

Like many of its competitors, customers are able to subscribe to Nature Variety to be kept up to date with their promotions, discounts, new products and giveaways. Aside from seeking those coveted coupons we also advise that you take advantage of their subscription to strengthen your connection with this great supplier. Another great means of seeking those opportunities would be patronize their social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Promotions are always being advertised through these avenues.