The Power of Pedigree

Just the name of this dog food brand itself suggests a quality and satisfaction of product which will surpass any competitor.

Pedigree Petfoods®, which was founded in 1957, is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, an American group specializing in pet food. Mars Incorporated has factories at two locations in England and offices at Mc Lean, Virginia.One of Pedigree’s main claims is “We’re for dogs”. This phrase, although quite simple and succinct indicates that the brand’s premiere aims are to champion the cause for all canines and make their health and happiness their ultimate priority.

We at EZDogFoodCoupons will endeavor to emulate that amazing passion for dog care by arming you with the best information and promotions on the Pedigree Petfoods brand. This “We’re for dogs” movement will definitely evolve into a three way collaboration between us, the brand and you, the dog owner which will ensure that your dog is happy and healthy.

The brand’s “We’re for dogs” slogan is further fortified by the establishment of the “Pedigree Foundation” in 2008. This philanthropic organization provides grants to dog shelters, helps strays find loving homes as well as providing them with quality veterinary care.They are definitely not just “for” dogs which have loving, doting owners but also for those which have been abandoned and neglected.
Pedigree foods can be filtered by:

  1. Type: dry, wet, treats
  2. Life stage: Puppy (0-2), Adult (1-8), Senior (7+)
  3. Size: Small (2-27lbs), Medium (28-57lbs), Large (58+lbs)
  4. Target Nutrition: oral care, skin and coat, hip and joint, weight, food sensitivity, meat first

Dry dog food helps with the joints, weight and longevity of the dog. It also caters to dogs of various sizes and with specific nutritive needs.

Pedigree’s wet dog food line offers more than twice the variety of their dry dog line. Their wet dog food products facilitate healthy digestion, joints, heart and weight. Many of the flavors from the wet dog food line fall under its subsidiary “Little Champions” line which caters specifically to puppies. Some of the flavors include chicken, turkey and bacon, liver, beef and lamb.

Most of Pedigree’s dog treats fall under its main subsidiary “Dentatrix” line. Whilst, Jumbone, Stackers, Marrobone, Breathbusters and Good bites complete the dog treats line to a lesser extent.The Dentatrix Deep Clean has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build up as well as fighting bad breath. Other kinds of Dentratrix include beef flavor treats, fresh treats and original treats.

Stackers will surely leave your dog licking his face just like the model on the label and surely coming back for more!The Stackers flavors are filet mignon and bacon, smoky bacon and cheddar cheese and grilled chicken and any strip flavor.The Good Bites cater to two specific separate needs: hip and joint and oral care.

Coupons for Pedigree® can be procured on the brand’s website or Facebook Page, LivingRichwithCoupons and Shop4Freebies. Additionally, they can be obtained from your local retailers such as target, Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

With just over half a century in the pet food business, Pedigree® has without a doubt obtained its place as one of the premiere dog food brands in the industry. In fact, you only have to visit their website to view the multitude of rave reviews provided by some very satisfied customers. The happy and healthy looking canines on their labels would make any and every dog lover and enthusiast yearn to provide and achieve that same euphoria for their beloved canine. Do not hesitate to provide your dog with tasty, adequate and top notch nourishment from one of the best in the business. Remember: with continuous consultation of our website for obtaining the best discounts, you will be capable of achieving all this and more; the EZ way!